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  • Workshops

Five workshops have been planned, on the following creative methodologies: drama, dancing, drama and sailing, creative writing, shooting a film, expressive arts, handicraft.
A written plan of the workshop is prepared by the partner who is in charge of its organisation, to guide the current organisation and to sustain the trasfer of competence.
Minimum there will be 10 participants per workshop. Before the workshop, they are required to give a short presentation of themselves, as warming activity.
The workshop includes description of the method and practical activities to experience it.
Before the mobility for the meeting, the organising partner sends to the others a memorandum describing: what is the profile of the volunteers/participants attending; what activities the participants have to do (if any) before attending the workshops; references/bibliography on the method.
Also, prior to each workshop (at least 1 week before), the participants have to write a motivation letter, in their own language.
At the end of each workshop, the participants fill out a questionnaire evaluating the work done and the experiences and learning achieved.
The workshops is filmed with digital camera, and also some interviews with the participants. All the resulting films are edited in one CD that represents the main account of Evalt activities.

  • Videos

The activities of each workshop have been filmed and a video of them has been produced.
Currently these videos are published in YouTube:
- Video of the Turkish workshop on Movies in Education
- Video of the Lithuanian workshop on Handicraft and Expressive Arts in Education
- Video of the Italian workshop on Drama and Sailing in Education

Two additional videos have been produced during the Turkish workshop. They are the short movies shot by the participants, starting from a subject and a screenplay they elaborated, as practice of the workshop itself:
- Time of crisis
- Hammam is glue for friendship

  • Brochure

Download here the brochure of the project (pdf format).

  • Web tools

- Website: www.evalt.eu
- Blog: evalt-llp.blogspot.com
- Facebook page

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