Evalt - Empowering Volunteering in Socially Disadvantaged Groups of Adults Learning

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Contempla Trilhos


Contempla-Trilhos is the coordinator of the project. The Association aims to promote and carry out studies, projects and resources designed to develop personal, social and organizational perspective of lifelong learning.
The Association carries out its activities in accordance with the following objectives:
1. Develop and promote research, consultancy, training and organizational, in collaboration with the various Associations, Centers and other natural or legal entities nationally and internationally;
2. Develop and implement continuing education programs for teachers;
3. Implement and promote projects for Education through Art, from personal and social development in the context of Community and local development;
3. Support the establishment of databases of different areas of the association;
4. Organise seminars, debates, seminars and conferences;
5. Promoting research, publications and speeches;
6. Support training and upgrading of its staff members, associated members and collaborators.

Marco Paiva

Rua André de Gouveia Lote C, Loja A
1750-027 Lisboa

Tel. 00351 21 7591217
Fax 00351 21 7591217

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