Evalt - Empowering Volunteering in Socially Disadvantaged Groups of Adults Learning

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The main activity of the project is the exchange of artistic methods among the partners in order to train volunteers to develop adult education in disadvantaged groups making use of art methodologies. The exchange takes place especially by means of workshops that areorganized by each partner and attended by volunteers from the other partnership members.
Five workshops have been foreseen during the 2-years project life, each workshop being focused on a methodology in which the organizing partner is expert:

  • Contempla-Trilhos, drama and dance;
  • Fepamuc, creative writing;
  • Siauliai University, handicraft and decoupage;
  • Sisli Technical and Vocational High School, shooting a film;
  • Tecnopras, drama and sailing.

The kick-off meeting of the project has been held in Lisbon (PT) from 23 to 27 of November 2011. During the meeting the partners agreed the actual workplan, the valorisation strategy, the evaluation activities, the structure of the workshops and the dates of the following meetings.

The timetable for the workshops is as follows:

  • 29 of February-4 of March 2012, Istanbul (TR), Shooting a film;
  • 25-29 of June 2012, Siauliai (LT), Handicraft and decoupage;
  • 3-7 of October 2012, Rome (IT), Drama and sailing;
  • 6-11 May 2013, Guadalajara (SP), Creative writing, Drama, Dance.

The Spanish workshop and the Portuguese workshop will be held during the same mobility in Spain.

Download the meeting minutes of the kick-off meeting held in Lisbon in November 2011.

Download the workplan and materials of the workshop held in Istanbul in March 2012.

Download the meeting minutes of the workshop held in Siauliai in June 2012.

Download the workplan and materials of the workshop held in Rome in October 2012.

Download the agenda of the workshop held in Guadalajara in May 2013.

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